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Lake Holiday Committees
As a member of Lake Holiday Property Owner’s Association, you are encouraged to get involved in your community.
In order to aid the Lake Holiday Board of Directors with research and expertise, committees are formed periodically. The members of the committee, who have been appointed by the board, meet on a regular basis to perform tasks as assigned by the board. A brief description of those committees follows:

People accused of violating Lake Holiday rules or regulations have the right to a hearing at which they may appeal the citation or offer extenuating circumstances that would warrant a suspension or reduction of the associated fine. The Board of Directors has delegated the authority to conduct these hearings to the Citation Committee. The Citation Committee consists of three or more property owners appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors designates one property owner to be chairperson.
The Citation Committee works closely with the Security Department to insure proper handling of all citations. Records are kept of each citation. The committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month to accommodate hearings that have been scheduled by the Office. Minutes of each meeting are kept to document the committee’s decision on each hearing. The Board of Directors has delegated the authority to declare citations valid, valid with mitigating circumstances, valid/suspended or invalid based upon the evidence and testimony presented at hearings. The committee also has the authority to reduce or modify penalties based upon the results of a hearing.
The Engineering Advisory committee was formed at the request of the Board of Directors of LHPOA.  The committee was established primarily to monitor the condition of the Dam.  The permit with IDNR for the Dam at Lake Holiday requires an annual review by an independent engineering firm.  This committee reviews this report and presents maintenance items or conditions of the dam to the Board of Directors and the membership.  This committee is called upon to review any engineering related bids or projects as requested by the Board of Directors.  
The Finance Committee is charged with analysis, and where appropriate, the formation and recommendation of policies to the Board of Directors pertaining to:
  • Annual Budgets 
  • Financial Analysis and Review
  • Selection and Evaluation of Independent Auditors 
  • Investment Supervision and Evaluation 
  • Physical Facilities and Amenities and Equipment at the Lake Holiday Property Owners Association 
  • Liability/Risk Management 
The Lake Committee was formed at the request of the Board of Directors of the LHPOA.
The committee functions as per the committee charter allows:
  • Provide research and recommendations to the Board of Directors for the improvement and maintenance of water quality, algae and weed control. 
  • Boating (concerning water quality) and dredging strategies. 
  • Utilize all state funded and federal agencies to aid and assist our goals and objectives for Lake Management. 
  • Contact the appropriate engineers, when needed, to assist in the development of plans. Garner and investigate all input from the LHPOA membership. 
  • Develop a source for sediment disposal from the spoils basin.
  • The Lake Committee meets every other month on the first Thursday. Any extraordinary needed actions or input will be submitted to the LHPOA Board of Directors prior to their Work Session meeting.
The committee is composed of the members of the community, the General Manager of the Lake and/or the Property Manager and at least one LHPOA Director. The expertise of the committee members varies from technical business and management backgrounds.
The Landscape Committee plans, submits for approval and then coordinates with the Maintenance Division landscape improvements to the green spaces of Lake Holiday.  
The Committee advises the Board of Directors on matters affecting land use and environmental protection, including but not limited to issues of demographics, social and economic forces likely to affect life at Lake Holiday during the next five or ten years as well as facilities, transportation, the sitting of public services, infrastructure and other matters the Board of Directors deem to affect the environment and quality of life at Lake Holiday.

Since its inception in 2019, the Planning Committee has conducted member surveys that resulted in this new web site and communication platform, periodic Lake Holiday News articles of interest to the members and exploration of electronic signage at the entrances. 

Currently, the Planning Committee is developing recommendations to the Board for possible infrastructure additions that might be implemented over a multi-year period.

The Rules Committee was formed to assist the Board of Directors in the process of keeping the Rules and Regulations current and concise. Its fundamental goals are the safety of all residents and the preservation and appreciation of property values. The Committee is composed of four to six association members and a Board member. The Board of Directors forwards issues to the committee chairman, who sets the agenda for the monthly meetings. After discussing and researching the assignments, recommendations from the committee are then sent back to the Directors. These recommendations often include clarification of existing rules, and sometimes a new rule is proposed. The Board of Directors may then approve or reject the committee’s suggestions.
This committee is an interesting one because the topics are so diverse. The Rules Committee and the Board of Directors work with the Security Department, General Manager, and legal council to make sure the rules are in the best interest of the Association. The committee members are aware that their recommendations will directly affect the population of Lake Holiday, and that the rules must always be fair and enforceable.
Occasionally a vacancy exists on a Committee and a notice is placed in the Lake Holiday News. Lake Holiday members may volunteer to fill the vacancy by submitting a brief resume to the Board.
The Committee was formed to plan promote and provided quality recreational program events for the Lake Holiday Property Owners and their guests and to advocate a sense of community by encouraging all members to volunteer at or patronize those events.  
The Committee welcomes new members to the committee and volunteers to help at any of their events. 
The role of the committee is to conduct hearings, and review evidence pertaining to variance requests, followed by a recommendation to the Board to either grant, deny, or approve a request with modifications to the Board of Directors.  The ultimate decision rests with the Board.
  • Address and balance the homeowner’s needs with the Rules and Codes
  • Review evidence pertaining to the Variance Request
  • Make Recommendations that stay within the above guidelines